Current Blue Plaques

The Ringwood Society erected the first Blue Plaque as part of our Blue Plaque Scheme in 1978. Blue Plaques are erected to commemorate significant people, places or events in the history of Ringwood.

We are always keen to receive nominations for future Blue Plaques. Further details on how to nominate a subject can be found here.

James Scott, Duke of Monmouth

Monmouth House, 12 West Street, Ringwood

In 1685 upon the death of King Charles II, his illegitimate son, James Scott, Duke of Monmouth led the Monmouth Rebellion, which sought to take the throne from his uncle King James II. This rebellion culminated at the Battle of Sedgemoor on 6 July 1685 where Monmouth was defeated. He was arrested and held at what is now known as Monmouth House prior to his execution on 15 July 1685.

This Blue Plaque was erected in 1978 and was the first of the scheme. Funding assistance was provided by the Southern Tourist Board and Ringwood Town Council.

n.b. The Ringwood Society is aware of an error on this Blue Plaque which states the execution took place in the Tower of London. This is incorrect, the Duke was in fact executed on Tower Hill.