Blue Plaque Scheme

Since 1978, The Ringwood Society has been responsible for the Blue Plaque Scheme which operates within Ringwood and the wider parish. The Society undertakes to erect plaques throughout the town to commemorate notable people, places and events. The subject can either have been identified by The Ringwood Society or through a nomination from a member of the public.

The criteria on which the Blue Plaque Scheme run is modelled on those applied by English Heritage to their Blue Plaque scheme in London.

Current Blue Plaques

View the current Blue Plaques here.

Propose a New Blue Plaque

Anyone can propose a subject for consideration for a Blue Plaque. There are some criteria which the subject would need to meet and each proposal will be considered by the committee before deciding whether to proceed with the process of exploring the erection of a Blue Plaque.

Further details on the process for proposing a subject for a new Blue Plaque can be found here.