We are passionate about improving our town and periodically we identify and undertake projects which can make a longer term impact on the town. These projects are usually varied in nature and can take a little while to pull together, but we believe make a positive contribution to the town.

Members are encouraged to take part in our project work and we also often work with people from outside the Society to bring things to fruition.

Current Projects

Our current project is:

Memories of the Railway

We are delighted to have successfully secured a grant of almost £44K for this project. The grant, awarded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund will not only enable the memories to be kept for generations to come it will also fund the restoration of a small area of land that was part of the former railway coal yard. 

The project consists of 2 major parts:

  1. Capturing memories of the railway in pictures, video and audio forms and sharing these via both exhibitions and on-line means. This part includes the opportunity for local students to learn interviewing and video editing skills under the guidance of Ringwood TV’s Jay Cox.
  2. Revitalising a small area of land that belongs to the Bisterne Estate and used to be part of the Coal Yard for the railway. This will involve tidying the site, restoring the sign and lamp and erecting an information board. The design of the information board (and the exhibition) will include involvement from the young people of the town and be supported in this regard by SPUD (a local charity specialising in youth involvement in urban design projects).

The railway through Ringwood closed almost 60 years ago, making it an opportune time for this project. 

Pictured is an illustration of what the site might look like. 

The Society would also like to thank the Bisterne Estate for their support.

For more details, please see our Memories of the Railway project page.

Previous Projects

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